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Curious and Wild Nights Out

By Alpkit
12, Mar, 2019

Helping Miss Elvy's Curious School of the Wild with bivvy bags for microadventures

Miss Elvy's Curious School of the wild is an adventurous and creative Outdoor Education Company based in Bodmin that uses the WILD to improve educational and well-being outcomes for those who join in. They work with children, young people, adults and outdoor professionals to encourage healthy lifestyles, strong communities, positive mental health and learning about the natural world around us.

Nik Elvy got in touch with the Alpkit Foundation about an ongoing microadventure project, but needed "equipment to assist those without access to suitable kit for sleeping under the stars". 

As people who would rarely turn down the opportunity for a night under the stars, we couldn't help but support the project with a bunch of Hunka bivvy bags to keep those that need them dry and snug whilst enjoying their microadventures.

We asked Nik a little bit more about the project:

"It begins with a workshop to support sleeping out in the wild and will continue through the year with our regular group on a Saturday in May, two Summer family Camp outs in June and July in the School field and an invite to sleep under the stars for the participants of our Stone Soup outdoor cooking project in August. After this year we will continue to use the equipment to support those who struggle to access the outdoors."

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