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Cookware newsletter winner

By Col
17, Oct, 2014

Scooping our lightweight cooking set combo off the back of our newsletter

The end of September saw our new range of cookware land on our doorstep, with plenty of anticipation. As well as all this nice new shiny stove it also saw the return of our Kraku stove, so what better way to celebrate than give one away with our resized MytiMug. Well a big thank you has to go out to all those on our newsletter and those that joined up, but there could only be one lucky winner. 

So we are pleased to announce that the lucky recipient of this lightweight combo was Simon Green. Simon is a long distance mountain runner, so moving light and fast is key for him. "This stove is by far the best bit of new equipment I've had for a long time!! Perfect for long races or big training days. It's going to take a lot of hammer!!"  He has even got a blog, Fellmonkey, charting his adventures in trail, fell and ultra running, so we'll keep an eye on that to see if it survives!

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