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Christmas comp day 3 results

By Kenny Stocker | 06, Dec, 2011

The alp-phone has been hot to touch the past couple of weeks as people try to get their Christmas orders in early. Fortunately we have helpful staff like Izzy to make sure you get your orders processed as quickly as possible, no matter how curious they are. Here Izzy takes a call from Mr Claus.. and where does he want his order sending.. Lapland of course! And for the bonus Advent Surprise.. the climber featured during July in the Keith Sharples 2011 climbing calendarwas, or indeed still is.. Gracie Martin! The shoot for this Alpkit sponsored page took place over a hot and sticky day at Robin Hoods Stride in the Peak District with fellow Nottingham Climbing Team mate Billy Ridal. Well done to Thomas Davy, a calendar will be on its way to you.

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