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Castle Manor Academy takes Education Outdoors

By Hati Whiteley
05, Jun, 2017

Castle Manor Academy takes education beyond the classroom for its students.

Not everything can be learned in the classroom.

Don’t get us wrong, we learned tonnes of stuff in school that we still use today, but when we think back to our school years (if we can remember that far!) it’s not the two-hour algebra classes that we recall with fondness, but the lessons we learned outside the classroom. The life skills classes where you cooked ‘original’ concoctions on a budget; the conservation classes where you all crowded around the school pond in search of frogs; and those hiking trips where your feet were aching and your legs burning but all your mates were there so you pushed through anyway...

Back in 2016 Castle Manor Academy approached the Alpkit Foundation for support with a project to take education beyond the classroom in their school. We were stoked to be able to lend our support, and just under a year down the line we’ve been catching up with Mrs Baldwin, the Learning Outside the Classroom Coordinator at Castle Manor Academy, to see how they’ve been getting on.

Castle Manor is an academy in Haverhill, Suffolk, where just under half of the students come from low-income families. The school places a lot of value in outdoor learning, and have been keen to offer students Facebook and Twitter, or The Alpkit Foundation supports projects that enable people to overcome the obstacles preventing them from Going Nice Places and Doing Good Things. 

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