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Call for a MasterSheff

By Col | 30, Sep, 2011

Nick rustling up a yummy one pot creation to keep the group morale up during a spot of snow shoeing.

A couple of days ago we ran a small poll on our Facebook page as to which was better…Tea or Coffee. It’s a subject that has divided opinion in the office since the first tea true tea drinker joined our ranks, so we threw it open to our faithful customers. In the end it was a lot closer than perhaps we had expected and, going against office majority, tea coming out on top. We obviously believe there’s plenty of room in the world to live side by side. Whether you like tea or coffee by the campfire, it is equally important to get your food right too. A little while ago we announced that the Guyrope Gourmet  would be joining us at the to give a demonstration on fine campside cooking and judge our MasterSheff one pot wonder competition.

We’ll as it’s the final weekend of ticket sales for the Big Shakeout it means that it’s your last chance to ensure you are there and able to take part. So if you have a secret recipe that you think will blow us away make sure you don’t miss out and buy your tickets now. If you are still a little unsure then why not take a look at the last One Pot Wonder competition we ran for some inspiration..

We are looking forward to seeing those wonderful creations!

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