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BUKE 2017: Kayaking the Philippines

By Alpkit
17, Jul, 2017

The UK's best university kayakers will be exploring undiscovered waters in the Philippines in pursuit of quality first descents

Every two years, the British Universities Kayaking Expedition brings together the UK's best student kayakers to travel to far-flung and remote corners of the world in search of quality white water kayaking.  In recent years expedition teams have ventured to Ethiopia, Venezuela, and Madagascar (to name a few) on their quest, and we're pretty stoked to be supporting BUKE for the sixth year as they embark on their expedition to the Philippines on 26th July.

If you haven't heard of BUKE before, picture Indiana Jones with kayaks and replace the treasures with amazing whitewater on unkayaked rivers. Never ones to disappoint when it comes to epic and dramatic adventures, their expeditions are generally action-packed and have previously involved hippo encounters, camping with pythons, and capture in the jungle (and that was over a few days). Needless to say, we're excited to hear what discoveries they make in their next expedition. 

The 2017 British Universities Kayak Expedition Team | Photo: Kayak The Philippines

This year, the team of seven kayakers will be travelling to the Philippines in South East Asia. Made up of over 7000 islands, the Philippines is well-known for its diving and beaches, yet many of its rivers remain unscouted for whitewater paddling potential. The BUKE team will be arriving in the midst of the rainy season, and are fairly confident that the tropical climate and mountainous terrain of North West Luzon's jungle region will yield a huge variety of single and multi-day first descents.

The team will also be getting to know local kayakers, raising awareness of paddling safety and helping them to develop their kayaking skills in order to encourage the development of the sport in their country.

Upon returning to the UK, the team will be giving talks about their trips. Until then, you can keep up-to-date on their adventures on their , or

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