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Alpkit not at Outdoors Show

By Kenny Stocker | 28, Feb, 2010

We have decided not to go to this years Outdoors Show. It was a tough decision as we like working with the Outdoors Show to bring innovative events like the coLAB design competition. But in order to do a show like that well it takes us about a month to prepare, and this year by not going to the show it has given us more time to concentrate on other stuff. More time to spend on the website, more time to make better products, more time just to get out and about rather than doing long days and vegging out. We are still planning to hit the road so you can always come and see us at events like York Cycle Show, The Keswick Mountain Festival in the Lakes or even at our own event we are planning for later on in the year.

If there any events you know of that we can come and bring our retail stand to or just bring a few beers and chill out then let us know.

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