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Alpkit Foundation supports Grove Academy Climbing Club

By Alpkit
15, Mar, 2016

Making indoor climbing accessible and available to all senior pupils belonging to the school

The Alpkit Foundation is pleased to support Grove Academy Climbing Club. Dundee’s Grove Academy would like to make indoor climbing fun, accessible and available to all the senior pupils belonging to the school. The Climbing Club was created by James, a senior pupil himself, and currently has around 6 fully trained staff members. The club meets at Avertical World in Dundee and aims for the activity to be purely recreational. All levels of fitness are welcome, giving pupils the opportunity to learn basic skills in top roping and bouldering, whilst providing an environment to socialise in.

James would like the club to continue to run long after he leaves Grove Academy. He says, “I personally am doing this project to create a fun, relaxed, energetic club, which is only for senior pupils, as so many school activities focus on engaging the younger ages. The club provides a social time to relax and climb. On a higher level, I want as many people involved and improving in climbing as possible, and to enjoy both the mental and physical challenges it presents. Each of the members, trained or not, has improved their climbing grade and confidence on the wall. Off the wall they meet new friends and develop trust and communication through belaying.”

The club would like help from The Alpkit Foundation in funding the project. Reducing the entrance fee to the wall would allow pupils to attend regularly, and will make the club more accessible to those with financial hardship. With help, the club is able to provide more opportunity and accessibility, and more enjoyment and appreciation of the fantastic sport.

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