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Alpkit Foundation and the Notorious B.O.G

By Alpkit
17, May, 2019

Support for the Cut Gate project to help reach the £70,000 finish line.

The Notorious B.O.G, an unfortuante consequence of popularity. 

We all love enjoying getting out on the trails and some, whether simply due to easy access or shear breathtaking beauty, are incredibly popular. So comes the problem, if we want to be able to enjoy visiting these places then some landscapes just can't take the impact without our help. The BMC is aiming to combat erosion in iconic landscapes across the UK through its Mend Our Mountains appeal. The Alpkit Foundation were pleased to come in and help with one of the projects. 

Cut Gate is a four mile long trail running through the Peak District and due to the high levels of popularity it has been seeing some severe water logging and erosion over the last few years. The original campaign to maintain and reduce further damage was kicked off by Chris ‘Keeper of the Peak’ Maloney with PeakDistrict MTB and Ride Sheffield, but were soon involving more of the trails regular users. The BMC and its charity joined the campaign to repair Cut Gate and is one of the 13 main projects of their Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million appeal.

The Alpkit Foundation were keen to support this project for a number of reasons. Not only is it on our doorstep and action is vital to stem the widening and worsening erosion, but it is proving to be a great example of a multi user campaign.

Carey Davies of the BMC explains a little. 

‘it is where the community can come together to promote responsible use and instigate positive change’  bringing together bikers, walkers, climbers, horse riders and runners to hopefully secure the future and longevity of this popular trail. 

You can find out more about the history of the project and how the BMC came on board to tackle the Notorious B.O.G

With the secured funding the main are of focus will be on the most waterlogged areas, improving drainage, resurfacing wet sections with stone-flags, and improving path sections, preparing badly eroded downhill sections. 

To find out about more of the BMC's projects visit their Mend Our Mountains website. 

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