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AK MegaSlide 2000 Prize Draw Results

By Kenny Stocker | 19, Dec, 2011

And so the Alpkit 2011 Christmas competition has finally drawn to a close. It may have felt like it would never end, but fortunately there are only 12 days of Christmas. Along the way 12 people have picked up some small prizes, some people hadn’t won anything since they were like 12, others had boyfriends or girlfriends who were more excited than they were, but as special as all these were there is only one main prize.. the exclusive AK MegaSlide 2000.

We had well over 2000 entries, with a handful of devotees who managed to get all 12 answers correct.. well done if you are one of them. Ben stepped up to make the final draw, all of the correct entries were randomised in a spreadsheet, and 4 numbers were taken from the stockings. The resulting number was matched up with a row in the spreadsheet and out popped… Matt Morton!!


Good job Matt, fingers crossed you get snow this Christmas. Finally a big thanks to everyone who played from the whole team here at Alpkit. We hope you have a very merry Christmas.

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