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A seasonal one-pot wonder

By Josh Sutton
18, Dec, 2013

Guyrope Gourmet comes up with a one pot wonder, ideal for a festive overnighter! We gave it a test run

Pheasant Vallee D’Auge

Ok, the Guyrope Gourmet is not normally known for his one-pot wonder dishes, given the amount of gear I normally take when I’m on a family camping trip. I did once hump a couple of fresh neck fillets of lamb, a handful of spuds and a half bottle of red wine over the Howgills, just so I could knock up a decent lamb stew on my Trangia!

The folks at Alpkit set me a challenge, and I’m always up for one of those. I thought one-pot was the challenge, but it got tighter: what could I cook up on Alpkit’s ultra light micro titanium gas stove the Kraku, cook it in the MytiMug which has a capacity of 750ml, and make it festive! Well the last time I cooked this, my pal and I were snowbound at Great Langdale National Trust campsite, we’d strolled along Crinkle Crags (no view due to the mist), my pal hammered me at scrabble in the Old Dungeon Ghyll, and I managed to put a hole in my dad’s vintage Blacks Good Companion tent!

I made it in my Trangia for two, so I’ve pared the recipe down for a one person one-pot wonder version. You might have to mess a little with the volume of apple juice, depending on how big your breasts are! This recipe will yield somewhere in the region of 380 calories and carries about twice that number in grams of ‘humping weight’, which strikes me as a pretty reasonable calorie to weight ratio for a dish that tastes this good.

I used a whole pheasant for two people, but I suggest you just rip the breast off for this paired down version. You could use a chicken breast if you don’t fancy game bird, but make sure you use a free range chicken otherwise you will be carrying excess weight in water (which they pump battery hens with to make them plumper!) 

This recipie is based around one from the Guyrope Gourmet cook book, full of other inspirational camping yummy-ness.


A pheasant breast
A knob of butter
500ml of apple juice
1 bouquet garni
A pinch of salt & pepper
100ml double cream
1 tsp cornflour 1
1 apple
Six baby new potatoes
Chopped fresh flat leaf parsley

1. Boil the potatoes in water for ten minutes, drain and set aside. Keep them wrapped in a pair of socks or something, you don’t want them to go stone cold.
2. Wipe the MytiMug out and add the butter
3. Core & slice the apple, gently fry three rings in the butter until the apple browns a little, set aside.
4. Brown the pheasant breast, in the remaining butter, then add the apple juice and the boquet garni and the salt & pepper, bring to boil and turn to simmer. Remove the bouquet garni after about five minutes or so, otherwise the flavours will get a bit intense.
5. While the bird is simmering, mix the cornflour with the cream and add to the pot after about five minutes.
6. Simmer gently for about ten or fifteen minutes, until the breast is cooked through.

Serve with the potatoes and fried apple rings and garnish with the chopped flat leaf parsley.

Well we decided to give it a go, how hard could it be?.... ahem... as you'll see we're no Josh Sutton and while trying to be highly proffesional, some careful editing hopefully stops you falling asleep. 

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Version using chicken thigh fillets

Looks great - I'll give it a try but probably use sliced-up (preferably organic) chicken thigh fillets instead as they're easy to find in the shops and I think they have much more flavour than chicken breasts. Might try messing with the herbs as well - substitute some dried thyme then add fresh tarragon near the end might be a good alternative. Squeeze of lemon too? Suppose that makes it a different recipe really!

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