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I Love Filo 20% offer

By Col
07, Feb, 2014

Short, time limited Valentine offer. Buy 1 Filo and get 20% off your partners jacket.

Buy one Filo and get 20% off your loved ones jacket. Offer open from 11 am Sunday 9th, through to 11 am Tuesday 11th February

For just this short love struck period on the run up to Valentines Day, if you buy a Filo jacket you can get your partners in their favourite colour for a rather lovely 20% off. We've all got our favourite colour here at Alpkit, but what do you think your partner will fall for?

We’re not ones to get all mushy and romantic, we’re tough outdoor types right? Ha, as if. I reckon we’ve got some of the soppiest love monsters here at Alpkit HQ. I also heard recently that St Valentine loved getting outdoors so why not get in the spirit and both get out together this Valentines Day, or at least the closest possible oppurtunity. 

To make sure you don’t let your loved one forget how much they mean to you this month wrap them up in a nice cushy Filo down jacket before taking them on that romatic trudge across barren moorland, or indeed through that idylic woodland glade with frost glistening from the branches. 

Simply pop yours and your loved ones choices of Filo into the checkout and then enter the appropriate code to recieve the 20% off the corresponding jacket. No identical jackets though I'm afraid, this offer is not valid with 2 jackets of the same colour. 

For example, if you think they will like the Chilli colour, then simply enter ilovechilli in the Coupon Code field during checkout. Or if they would like the fetching Plum then it's iloveplum and so it goes on.

Mens jackets.


Womens jackets.


The offer will run from 11 am Sunday 9th, through to 11 am Tuesday 11th February, so you've got time to get it in for the day. (although should you want to make sure, then there is also a Next Day delivery option). 

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