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A Generational Game

By Alpkit
14, Jun, 2018

What adventures will you get up to with your Dad... or grandad... or mum. You get the idea!

Celebrating generations of adventure.

Every year another adventure, from trips to the park when you're young, to searching the hillside for that bothy you knew was there last time - dads are, for some of us, the spawn of every adventure. All the encouragement I ever needed came from my parents and my dad taking me on that next camping trip, up that next hill... Maybe it was your dad, or mum, or grandparents that inspired you. Do they still inspire you? Is it still important to get out whenever possible with those that made it so special? Perhaps it's actually the kids that have inspired you to get out more! 

As it is Father's day this month then it's inspired us to get thinking about how precious those family adventures can be. So whilst enjoying your own summer adventures why not team up for a father's day challenge? Check out some of our recommended Dadventure essentials.

But of course fathers day is just a start... We want everyone to get out on an adventure, any excuse to leave the office, get out of the house, go camping, go for a ride or generally to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things... With its long hours of daylight, June is a great month to get out after work and cram as much into an evening session as you would into an entire day, and still be back at your desk the following morning. With this much daylight the weekends can offer mammoth adventures! 

Competition Time!

Let's see what exciting adventures you can get up to over the next two weeks and make the most of these longer days. Organise an adventure with those inspirational family members in your life, could you recreate that first memorable adventure that got you started? Send us a write up of your adventure to support@alpkit.com, or even old fashioned post and the best story will win a £150 Alpkit gift voucher so you can stock up on some outdoor essentials for more adventures to come.

Entries will close 2nd July. 

Don't forget to share as you go about your adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. #alpkit #goniceplacesdogoodthings 

Now step away from the computer, find a map and get out there, and don't forget that special family member! 

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