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Your big weekend

By Kenny Stocker | 24, May, 2007

The Bank Holiday weather has been kind to us this year. We don't need to measure it by rainfall or average temperature, we just count the number of Airic sleeping mats we have sold! We got set on wondering.. How do your Alpkit goodies fit into your big weekend manouvers?

Saturday I will be climbing at Campelli just outside of Lecco, Italy. It is a fantastic crag with quality routes of all grades. At 750m it is one of the best places to climb when the temperatures and humidity are high. I have been working my way up through the grades over the past couple of months and it is my last chance to tick a 7c before I return to the UK for a few weeks. The forecast is for storms so it is looking like an Alpine Start and hoping for the best. My Alpkit requirements will be modest; a Dabber chalkbag!

Sunday I will be meeting some friends who have a house up in the mountain village of Pianazzola near Chiavenna. The plan is canyoning in Val Bodengo. This early in the season the water is sure to be cold and the steep sided canyon will be void of the suns warming rays. Of course I will be keeping my sandwiches dry in a Gourdon 25 dry bag and trying to keep myself warm with Bleat baselayer under my wet suit. For Sunday night my Reg Airic and PD400 should come in useful. Lecco can get a bit sticky this time of year so sleeping out on the balcony at Pianazzola is a real treat!

Monday, who knows. It is bank holiday in the UK but not in Italy! I might pop the Phud in the back of the car just in case. There is excellent bouldering at Cimaganda and Val Bodengo close to Chiavenna, better clear it first with the boss!

So, how do your Alpkit goodies fit into your big weekend manouvers?

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