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By Anna Kennett | 26, Oct, 2011

A new project is underway at Alpkit (well actually, it’s a bit big to call it a project)


Phud Thru The Ages
Hidden behind the roller-doors things have been extremely busy at Alpkit HQ. A new project is underway (well actually, it’s a bit big to call it a project). There’s been screwfix catalogues, red paint, sawdust, sewing machines and ladders everywhere. Jim even bought a new giant spirit level! Alas, we have not been building a new staff room, climbing wall or den. So, what have we been doing? 

Those of you who have visited the Phud page of our shop recently will probably have been disappointed to find that they are currently unavailable (especially so close to the festive season... how inconsiderate of us!). Fear not Phud fans, they will return.. although they are going to have a bit of an overhaul first.

You see, we are going to start making our Phuds in the UK. In our very own factory! This is all very exciting for the Alpkit team... but blimey there’s a lot to get our heads around! We’re doing our best to make sure that the wait for your shiny new UK made Phud isn’t too long. We'll keep you posted throughout the journey.

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