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The Good, the Bad and the Future

By Kenny Stocker | 28, Jun, 2007

Are you active in the outdoors? Do you like getting your hands on limited edition kit and helping to develop it? Do you have a neck that cranes backwards when you overhear gear related discussions in public? You sound like a coLAB person.

coLAB has been bubbling away in the background for the past couple of years. The basic premise has been that our combined customer base has an essential part to play in the devleopment of our products. This year we took it a step forward and introduced two specific coLAB products in relatively low volumes, just enough to get a good idea how they perform and how we can make them better next time around.

The Filium down smock and Bleat baselayer were already at an advanced stage in their development, and we have been chuffed to see our hard work receive many favourable comments. Equally you have not held back in telling us where we haven't got everything right, especially with regards to fit, Gavin posted on his Bleat,

"These are good but small. Could also do with being a bit longer. Also it would be nice to be able to roll the sleeves up, but they are too tight. Great value though. Would I buy another? Probably. Would I but another if they were a little larger and longer? Definitely."

This experience has convinced us of the value of direct feedback and the coLAB concept. However we want to make the process even better, and we can do this by making limited samples available much earlier in their development cycle. This just hints at the direction coLAB is taking and we will post more details over the summer along with an interesting competition opportunity for all gear heads.

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