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New Swimming Wetsuits

By David Hanney
15, Jun, 2016

Test samples of Terrapin, a lower buoyancy wetsuit, and Silver Tip, a thermal fleece lined wetsuit, are appearing round the country and due in stock in the autumn

We’ve two new outdoor swimming wetsuits on the way to compliment the existing Lotic wetsuit.
First up is the Terrapin which is a 2-3mm lower buoyancy wetsuit with glideskin front for swim speed and performance; unrestricted arms for swimming action; and neoprene rear for durability.
If you’ve ever tried swimming in a tri suit with 3-5mm of neoprene you’ll find its like swimming with a float between your legs which is great for rotational swimming, conserving energy and chewing the km’s but is a different swimming style.
Lower buoyancy suits give a much more natural swim so ideal for outdoor swimmers who don’t want the lift and helping hand of a more buoyant suit. But it still gives thermal protection that’s aimed at 30 minute to an hour swims in UK waters, so perfect for swims around the 2 mile distance.
We expect it to sell for about £100 and be in stock in the autumn making it an ideal first suit and also for experienced swimmers who want lower buoyancy.
Next we have the Silver Tip Thermal Swimming Wetsuit. We’re super excited about this one and it has been in development for over 12 months. It’s a fleece lined wetsuit with much higher thermal properties.
Its designed with longer swims, colder waters and winter swimmers in mind.
Here the 3mm-5mm smoothskin neoprene balances the fleece lining to give a comfortable supportive swimming action.
It comes into stock in autumn and will sell for about £200.
All our swimming wetsuits share the same design brief:

  • Glideskin neoprene for speed, technical performance and reduced friction
  • Longer ankles and cuff lengths for thermal protection
  • Unrestricted arm movement for swimming action
  • Tight cut to provide thermal protection but more relaxed than a triathlon suit to aid putting on, taking off and comfort in the swim
  • Shoulder, collar, cuff and ankle highlights for visibility
  • Neoprene cuff and ankles for durability in wild places
  • Integrated key pouch for valuables
  • Proven in UK waters

Our wetsuits have been developed by Alpkit, designed by industry legend Dean Jackson and in collaboration with the Outdoor Swimming Society.
You can find a video of Kate Rew and Kari Furre of the Outdoor Swimming Society testing the Lotic and Terrapin in Loch Morar

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