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Jeanius Jeans - End of The Line

By alpjim | 10, Feb, 2012

Sorry guys, we won't be making Jeanius Jeans again.

We put a lot of time and effort into telling you all about our Jeanius Jeans using Epic Denim Fabric. We had big plans for new styles in both men's and ladies' jeans; we truly believed the Epic encapsulation made the world's favourite trousers fit for the outdoors. The truth is things just didn’t work out. There is only one factory in the world that can make Epic Jeans... a very big factory!!! They gave us a great service, answered emails quickly, sampled quickly, made us feel at home when we visited their factory. These guys like orders in the tens of thousands, not the odd few hundred here and there. We feel this led to the big problems we were having with consistency between sampling and production as well as between production batches. We also had emails from a couple of international brands that had also had problems in consistency.

We’re sorry to say that we feel our time will be better spent developing and working on our other products rather than continually fire fighting jean production.

We know you love your Jeanius pants, we love our Jeanius pants as well as. The knees are beginning to wear thin and we are doing everything we can to get a few last wears out of the them... but I’m afraid to say we won’t be getting any more.

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