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Innov_ex 07 Conference

By Kenny Stocker | 31, Aug, 2007

Why do companies keep rolling out new products each and every year? The sceptics may point a crooked finger towards consumerism, but let's not forget the dedicated crew of design chaps and chapesses who wake every morning on the seemingly endless road called innovation.

You don't get into this business because you want to shuffle papers, spin marketing shmooze or swill out the corporate toilet, at least we don't. Fortunately for small companies like ours, where a good idea really can make a difference, there is a place we can go and look, listen and learn. Innov_ex is an innovation conference that specifically targets the outdoor trade. The aim of the conference is to bring together people from a range of backgrounds, but with a shared interest in outdoor activity and in the co-evolution of sport, exploration and clothing and equipment.

The conference takes place on Wednesday 26 September at Lancaster University Management School. If you are interested in taking part contact organisers Mike Parsons and Mary Rose through the conference website.
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