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Filos for Christmas

By Nick | 06, Dec, 2007

Fingers crossed we should be getting the new Filo jackets in time for Christmas. Here is the why, where and how..

Just thought we would update you on the "Filo Situation"..  for those of you that are a little confused this isn't a bad 70s movie. It's all about the new and improved Filo Jacket and why it isn't in our shop yet.

There have been a number of reasons why they are late probably all my fault, but mostly it's been about getting loads of down jacket in loads of colors in loads of sizes. We have learnt by our mistake, and we know that it is better to arrive late than to arrive wrong. 

We are 99% certain that we will get them before christmas. They are due to leave on 13th and arrive in the UK over the weekend. They then, should be delivered to us on Monday the 17th.  At the moment time is tight but we are expecting to get these to everyone pre Christmas using Royal Mail Special Delivery or City Link. If we get them on Monday then we should be good to go. We've drafted Ken in from Italy, so we know we can pack every jacket we will have in the building. Priority will be given to customers who are already on our waiting list, if you would like to join this list send us an email!


The jacket itself is looking good, it's a little different from last years model but hopefully all for the better. The cut has improved from last year as has the detailing and as you can see from the pictures you will have a good choice of colours. The fabric is the same used on the Filium smock so it has nice soft handle, is quite quiet and is pretty durable.

We will be posting some pictures on the site as soon as we can, but everyone that has seen or used the samples seems to like it.

So again sorry for it taking so long, we try not to do this too often.

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