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CoLab at ICE07

By alpjim | 05, Jan, 2007

Last year the development budget stretched to cappuccino and sledging. This year the Alpvan will be driving through the night until it hits the Alps as we take our kit out in 'real mountain situations'. Undettered by the poor early season conditions in the Alps this year, we are taking along a van full of gear to the Ice Climbing Festival in L'Argentiere, France. We are making up the numbers in the commercial village ICEXPO and although we will not be handing out axes, crampons and boots like the nice people at Petzl and Sportiva we may have a few items for you to try out.

Our down jackets should get a good work out as we stand drinking vin chaud below one of the many ice falls along the valley, and the bivouac on Saturday night will be an ideal chance to test the bivy bag, sleeping bag and inflatable camping mat combo. IceXpo gets underway on Wednesday and is usually open first thing in the morning, and then again in the evening after everyone has returned from the ice. It is the best place to meet up if you want to get your hands on our goodies, tell us what is wrong with it or buy us a beer smile

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