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Walking to work

By Nick | 04, Aug, 2011

Cooling off after the 10 mile walk to work

Today I walked in to work, it took me 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t wake up any earlier and I got into work about 15 mins late. I decided to do it 39mins before I set off so I didn’t need to rush my coffee. I saw a Moorhen with her chicks, loads of snails and found a new trail to bike along. I even tested some new socks the product guys gave me. It certainly made me appreciate distance a little more. When you go walking in the hills and mountains I think you lose touch on how far 10 miles is. When you walk your 18 min car / 39min bike commute in just over 2 hours you see and feel just how far it is.

I recommend it.

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