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The year of the Bob

By Ian Palmer
18, Jul, 2019

Last year I set myself 9 months to train and complete the Bob Graham Round. I made a film about it.

Back in 2018 I had an epileptic fit in a period of 24 Hours of Awful that stripped me of my driving licence for a year, which in turn halted my passion of racing mountain bikes far and wide around the country. What it did was open up the passion for running and the target of completing the 42 peak, 65 mile Bob Graham Round with just 9 months training. How did I do? Did I do it? Find out in my Year of the Bob film.

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Haute Savoie Matt
Great memories, well captured

Great video Ian and a fantastic story. I completed my Bob this July and the video captures the emotion, camaraderie and spirit brilliantly. I’ll never forget it.

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