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Show build up

By Kenny Stocker | 09, Mar, 2008

Construction with the Chunk

It has been a busy week at Alpkit HQ. I flew in on Monday evening fresh from a couple of days climbing in Val di Mello with perfect 22?C temperatures and clear skies. My first morning in the UK was a bit of a shock.. 3?C below zero and not a single mountain in sight.

It is that time of the year when we all pull together and try to build an exhibition stand in 7 days. This year we have an extra pair of hands to help us, Jenni has been answering the phones, processing the orders and transmitting an air of serenity. Just the other side of the office wall it is a different story. Four tool-belt wearing lads have been wielding power tools, eating doughnuts and making a general mess of the place.

It may be difficult to see it now but just like Cinderella this mess will magically transform into a thing of beauty.. our 2008 Outdoors Show stand! We are also building a second stand for our coLAB 08 feature. It is looking good, all the entrants are going to have prototypes on show and the only entrant who will not be present lives in America!

This weekend it was time for some R&R. Jim has been at a very cold and blustery Holme Pierrepont supporting the Student Rodeo Championships. It was so cold I think we can expect some even warmer down jackets next year! Sunday was a bit more pleasant and I headed up to Curbar with Nick and the Chunk for a few hours of bouldering. It was a perfect friction day and a great way to recharge our batteries.

Back to it tomorrow, still a lot to do before the show opens on Friday!

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