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Sensory Overload

By Ramon Marin
17, Jun, 2015

Enjoying Irish E grade trad sea cliff climbing.

Travelling the UK for about six weeks sampling the wide range of trad climbing and enjoying it all from the comfort of a van. Only a days drive from London I pitch up in Ireland to enjoy some classic sea cliffs, endure typical West coast weather and view some amazing sunsets. 

Yes, I can only describe our last two weeks climbing in Ireland as a sensory overload. From the world class climbing, through the amazing people to the stunning landscape, Ireland has truly impressed me. To top up the sensory overload, we did feel the full force of the Atlantic on our west coast leg of the trip, with gales blowing the sea up the entire length of Mirror Wall at Burren.  

Ireland climbing had only entered my radar in the last couple of year. It's hard to believe that such a premier destination has escaped my cunning eye for world-class rock for such a long time. Having gathered enough information, me and Dave Pickford headed over to scope the main attractions, Burren, Donegal and Fairhead. The idea was to get a taste of the best crags for future trips. Fairhead stood out as the winner, no surprises there, but there's so much good rock worth various lifetimes of exploration.

Fairhead was truly one of the best crags I've visit. It's ironic that I've spent so much time and money travelling around the world in search of rock and some of the best is quite literally a days drive away from London. Read a slightly longer account with more photos over on my blog.

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