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Scrap the Car! well maybe not quite…

By Col | 17, Jul, 2008

Ken breaks trail into work

Here at Alpkit GHQ the cars days are numbered as more and more often you’ll find the car park empty and sweaty cycle tops airing outside. 

When it comes to to-ing and fro-ing from work I’d been meaning to make more effort in reducing the use of my car for a while, but it’s just so damn convenient, easy, warm, dry, quick, plus it was easier to grab the coffee and doughnuts on the way. Well it needed a change of mind set and I don’t know whether it was the increasing fuel price or the increasing waistline that got me to dust off my rusting old Orange Clockwork. Having lay dormant since my biking days way back when things were kept pure, it was good to finally get it back on the trails, I’d even retained the ridiculously narrow handle bars that seemed to be de rigueur back then. Having brutally removed my old seat post a few years ago after it had welded itself in, I managed to hammer a new one in and so was all set to ride.
Ken had moved back to the UK and was going to be riding the same trail to work, which I think helped with the motivation as well, so he’d be joining me on his same era Specialized Rockhopper and raising two fingers to this nu-skool suspension stuff.

Luckily we have a reasonably interesting trail to and from work at around 11km each way, mixing road, single track, up-hills and down-hills. With the majority of it avoiding the main roads, it was actually nice to leave the car keys at home and get the legs pumping. While it might not be as convenient and quick as the car, it certainly helps clear any cobwebs before or after work. It’s not always fun, if I’m tired, the weathers not so good, need to get home quickly or I have to carry lots of stuff, so I’ll still drive in sometimes, but the hard parts been done, breaking the self imposed reliance on the car.

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