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By Alpkit | 22, Aug, 2011

The Shipwrecked Rambler- first telegram from Iceland

Experience the horizontal rain, cross ice-cold rivers and climb up mountains. THIS IS WONDERFUL!

Back in Reykjavik for a short recharge and refuel stop. Major battery problems to solve. 60km done by now.
Me and Mr.Pipedream spend some wonderful nights in the mountains of Iceland, all comfy and warm.
Trusty Spork didn’t feed me enough till now, but I told him to bring more food from now on. Equipment would have dissolved into the landscape without the dry-bags by now though.
Right knee and entire body pretty surprised to have to carry some extra 23kilos and whining from time to time, but stunning “lord of the rings pretty”-landcape makes all doubts vanish in the end.
Completely knackered every day.
It is always nice to listen to the raindrops tapping on the tent stretching out in a warm and comfy sleeping bag nibbling on the last piece of chocolate for the day. Dreaming of Käseleberkäsesemmel with mustard and Sauerkraut mit G’söchtem every night.

Off to the Highlands.

Klara Harden is the Shipwrecked Rambler on a month solo trek across Iceland and making a documentary as she goes

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