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Outdoor Show 2008

By Nicola Beeby | 21, Mar, 2008

The Chunk runs through the product line.

The 14-16th March saw the Outdoor show take place at the Birmingham NEC. We went down for the weekend mainly to help out at the Alpkit stand and also we took our boats to help out with the come and try it sessions.

Friday was a day of learning all about everything Alpkit makes, it took a while but I think I got the hang of it eventually! We also took part in a freestyle demonstration on the lake, showing all the specatators exactly what these silly people were doing in boats, trying to explain what was hard and what was easy! After a long day it was off for a curry with all the Alpkit team, it was great to get a chance to know everybody.

Saturday and Sunday there was a freestyle competetion on the lake, all be it a flat water one, I wasn’t feeling to great but Bill took part doing well and getting good cheers from the crowd! Then it was back to the Alpkit stand where it was really busy to try and make sense of the till again.

Overall it was a excellent tiring weekend, it was great to get to know the Alpkit team!

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