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By Nicola Beeby | 17, Jun, 2009

Jumping on for a go

I’ve just returned from a weeks boating on Hawaii-Sur-Rhone. It was a last minute decision (that’s what happens when two girls try and decide on somewhere to go boating) so I set off by car with Flea and caught the ferry from Dover. Flea did some good driving and we were at Lyon by 2pm the next day, so we went straight to the wave and after a quick look jumped on for a go.

This was the first time I’d been to a big wave like this and what can I say it was as good and better than what I had excepted! I was nervous the first time but soon got used to it, it was very hard to catch due to the water level and recent changes to the river bed, but once on it, it was awesome. The next few days fell in to a familiar pattern… drive to the wave in the morning (via the supermache to stock up on baguettes and cheese for the day) paddle for a few hours, get off for a few hours, laze around in the sun, then jump back on for a few hours before heading back to the campsite for pasta and veg.

On the Sunday we went to the local slalom course for a change of scenery, which had nice hole at the top of the course but was very shallow and we left with slightly lighter boats due to the amount of plastic left behind. The next few days followed the same pattern, back at Lyon, plus one episode of getting lost on Lyon’s fantastic public transport system! Then I had to leave Flea to it and get the plane back home to go back to work :o( and already thinking about where my next trip would be to??? :o)

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