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Harris light

By Connie Ceuppens
20, Apr, 2017

Wild swimming on the Isle of Harris

Many thanks to Andrew who sent Hathersage Ben a virtual postcard from Scotland..

Hi Ben

We met at Shaff, you probably don’t remember but you said – “send me your photos of Alpkit stuff in use we would be pleased to have them”

See attached. I’m in the Isle of Harris this week (which is why I’m not loitering around the new shop like a weird sort of groupie) and I am trying out my new Silver Tip wetsuit.

The sea is 7.8C so that’s nearly 5 degrees colder than I’ve ever swum before but I need to get some early season training in for swim sportives that start at the beginning of June (Great North Swim) and the Chester Triathlon and then the Braveheart Triathlon in September.

I’ve also got the Huub cold water gear – gloves, skully cap and socks which were essential this morning.

The sea here is clear and seems to generate its own light – you get fantastic colours.

Wonder if you might be able to use them.

See you soon.


We sure can Andrew!! Thanks for the great photos, jealous of the weather!

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