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Swimming 5 Lakes: An Everyday Adventure

By Hati Whiteley
07, Feb, 2018

The quest for a monthly adventures (even at winter!) takes the Everyday Adventures team to the icy waters of the Lake District

Adventures are always more rewarding in winter. It’s so much harder to get motivated to do pretty much anything when it’s cold, and almost impossible to do anything that will actually make you significantly colder. From past experience though, we knew that we’d feel a huge sense of accomplishment if we were able to push ourselves and get it done.

The Idea: Swim the width of five lakes in the Lake District

Location: The Lake District – Crummock Water, Buttermere, Lake Bassenthwaite, Ullswater and Blea water

Transport: 2 x cars, 8 x frantically moving limbs

Essential kit: Alpkit Silvertip wetsuits, neoprene hats, gloves and boots, goggles, custom Dryrobes, custom KitBrix bags, 1 x inflatable support SUP

Swimming across every single lake in the Lake District had a good ring to it. Less arbitrary than some of the challenges we’ve undertaken before, it offered an obvious start and end point. It sounded so complete in fact, that we settled on it without stopping to think just how crazy an idea it actually was.

Ignoring that none of us are experienced swimmers, that the lakes in December would be about as cold as they get, and that trying to travel between them all in just one weekend would be a logistical nightmare, we sat back on our chairs in warm offices, shut our eyes, and basked in the glory that would soon be ours.

It wasn’t until the week before the challenge that we gave it any real thought. Doubts started to slip into conversations, and at one point I nearly bailed altogether. Thankfully however, a few last-minute alterations brought the challenge back into the realms of the achievable (i.e. less chance of death) and we all intended to give it our best shot.

What we did

We settled on five lakes. Selecting a few highlights meant we’d still give ourselves a challenge whilst seeing the best scenery and reducing the risk of hypothermia by about 70 percent. We planned to swim the width of each of the five, resulting in a total distance covered of 4-5km across the weekend, which translated roughly as 2.5 hours in the water. Though unquestionably less impressive than completing all the lakes*, that’s still approximately 4-5 times further than the majority of us have ever swum in a single weekend, and about two hours longer than I’d ever spent submerged in ice cold water.    

*Technically the only ‘lake’ in the Lake District is Bassenthwaite Lake (the others are ‘meres’ or ‘waters’). Bassenthwaite Lake was number three.


Driving to the Lake District from the South West takes us 7-9 hours, depending on traffic, so there and back is really pushing it in terms of how far we’re prepared to travel in one weekend. We left our homes after work on a Friday and stayed until sunset on the Sunday. The drive always feels long but it’s quickly forgotten, whilst memories of the Lakes endure.

We stayed in Ullswater again with our now-good-friend Bex (as heavily featured in the last Lakes post) and decided to swim the lakes in this order: Crummock water, Buttermere, Bassenthwaite Lake, Ullswater, Blea water. The first three were all about half an hour’s drive away from Ullswater, so we decided to do them on Saturday. We saved Ullswater and Blea Water for Sunday, giving ourselves less to do on the final day to account for the time needed to make the journey home.

Walking down the bank to Crummock water from the car, we wrapped ourselves in as many clothes as possible to stay warm in the bitterly cold, snow-filled air. In that moment, stepping into the lake was the last thing that any of us wanted to do. The scale of the challenge became evident very quickly, as we looked at each other with eyes that cut through the nervous laughs to ask ‘what the hell have we done?’ Backing out wasn’t an option, but we knew it would be sensible to take the challenge one lake at a time.

After a few nervous deep breaths, we stepped into the water and realised it wasn’t going to be as bad as we thought. Though the water was clearly very cold, our Alpkit wetsuits were keeping us warmer than we’d expected. Dunking our exposed faces was unpleasant, but otherwise our core temperatures remained well above life-threatening levels. Halfway through the first lake, after 15 minutes of swimming like my mum (with hair and face out of the water AT ALL TIMES) we started to feel pretty confident. Our kit was doing the job and being in the water felt incredible, mainly because it seemed like something we shouldn’t be doing. The only thing that remained to be seen was whether our lack of swimming fitness would hold us back.

By the third lake of the day, poor technique meant our backs and shoulders were aching, but we carried on clumsily swimming our way triumphantly towards the finish line. Bassenthwaite was the furthest swim and the most unpleasant due to the visibility killing concoction of darkness + fogged-up goggles, but the thought of a warm shower was enough to keep us motivated. We finished the third lake for the day and celebrated by eating a huge Christmas dinner with the whole gang.

With the majority of the distance covered, Sunday was more about savouring the moment. Ullswater looked majestic at sunrise and we took our time on the crossing, stopping to jump into the water from a jetty and to get some photos in the perfect light. After breakfast and a shower, we drove towards Blea Water with our soaking gear packed into our bags. We carried them up through the nearby gorge and put them on by the lake, which was by far the most spectacular of the trip; its black water piercing the white mountainscape like an eye’s pupil. There was no way we were going to pass up on the opportunity to swim in this one, despite having to endure the unpleasantness of pulling on frozen wetsuits.

Our kit was doing the job and being in the water felt incredible, mainly because it seemed like something we shouldn’t be doing.

Physically, the challenge was less demanding than we’d expected. Finding the mental strength to overcome the winter hibernation instinct was tougher than any of the swims, but it’s always easier to be more enthusiastic as a group. Five lakes proved to be the perfect amount – enough to provide a challenge, but not too much to fit into the weekend. All in all, it was the perfect balance of endurance/beautiful scenery and a great way to conquer winter blues.

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