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Ballooning over the Peak District

By Nick | 09, Sep, 2010

Big Red Ballon

Lucky enough to go ballooning last week, the weather was amazing and views were awesome. As much as we have got used to being able to see ariel views of pretty much anywhere in the world, real life waves back. We had the Red Arrows doing a display before take off, a little bit of ballon prep along with slightly manic couple of mins as a large bit of fabric fights with the wind. But as soon as your airbourne it’s super serene.

We took of from Bakewell show ground and although an early wind took us in the direction of Calver it soon shifted after i’d taken some pictures looking back over Bakewell. The shift took us towards a great view into monsal head above some farmers making hay bales. Some stunning hazy views above the highest part of the derbyshire dales cressbrook nature reserve and straight landing just before a busy main road, only a couple of ruts in the field made the landing anything other than text book.

As we packed everything away the sun set on a pretty awesome few hours.

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