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A new year just around the corner

By Kenny Stocker | 31, Dec, 2007

Been struck down with a cold the past couple of days. Rotten luck since the weather is spectacular. Col reckons something is going around but he stopped short at the details. It has been a good time to get some end of year chores out the way, clean up my desktop and get after some of Cols Redline records.

There have been lots of things to think about at Alpkit the last few months and I think all of us will have really benefited from this period of downtime. Thoughts have just floated around in the air without having to do anything with them. Eventually they fall naturally, consolidating themselves like a solid neve.

It is going to be a busy time at Alpkit next year; lots of new stuff, lots of better old stuff and lots of donuts.

Happy new year everyone.

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