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A day out with Jack

By Jenni | 09, Jul, 2008

Not perhaps the most daring of deeds, indeed probably one of the most un-daring, chilled of this summer’s deeds….

On 2 July I escaped from Alpkit HQ for a grand day out in Hyde Park with Jack Johnson and friends.  In a bid to spread the Alpkit word, I took my trusty friend Gourdon with me.  Good job too because the heavens opened in time with the concert doors!  Not a problem for Gourdon though and of course I had come prepared with my emergency shelter aka my plastic poncho from Peru.  Tucked up under my poncho with a cold beer, I got a flavour of the British summer festival that I’ve never got round to going to.

After three fantastic support sets from Mason Jennings, G Love and Ben Harper, Jack Johnson took to the stage and, in keeping with his ever so slightly idol-like profile, the sun finally won the battle against the rain and Hyde Park was bathed in summer warmth.  Jack’s set was as good as I’d hoped it would be and it was made better by his musical friends constantly popping back on stage to join in the fun.  In addition to the support acts, Matt Costa also did a couple of tracks adding to the laid-back, happy atmosphere.  After six and a half hours of music, it was time to go and Gourdon and I wound our weary way home, tired but oh so very happy :o)

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