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A Christmas Ski

By Kenny Stocker | 25, Dec, 2007

So the shops had finally shut and Christmas could get under way. I spent the Eve in the company of friends, durable friends like Joel who are happy to stand for hours over a hot stove stirring up the perfect Polenta. I played my minor part by introducing the Christmas Pudding and custard.. It was pretty risk free for a non chef like me, just 3 minutes in the microwave and 1 minute stand time, the only thing that could go wrong was my custard could go lumpy.. fortunately I had done my ‘prep’ and it came out smooth, just as I like it.

Mr and Mrs D. arrived home to find us tossing pigs, it was a welcome interruption as Marco had truly sandbagged us all and had won the last two games back to back. It wasn’t long before the home made limoncello was flowing, a perfect way to end a perfect meal.

It was then on to the square, Mass had finished and the vin Vin Brûlé was pulling a good crowd. We called it a night at around 2.30 in good spirits and ready for Christmas ski day.

No messing, we were up at 7.30 and heading for Madesimo. The skipass was 32 euro and Joel was confident that we could get at least 32 rides out of that. 1 euro per lift seemed good value, even by Alpkits standards, so I was all for giving it a go. Actually we lost count the number of lifts we used but it was a perfect days riding; the weather was clear and sunny, everyone had stayed at home for Christmas, and we got two runs on the Canalone.

So that was Christmas done for another year. I would just like to thank everyone who put up with me and to wish them all a very Merry Christmas!

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