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Daring Deeds - real stories, expeditions, road trips and adventure

Strathpuffer 2020

By Alice Peyredieu
22, Jan, 2020

Our riders recount the 2020 edition of the Strathpuffer 24hr MTB race

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28 11 2019

Second City Divide Part 1
Alpkiteer Steve Bate takes on the Second City Divide

Steve Bate

22 11 2019

Snow-covered bivvy in the Pentlands
Customer Story

Ashleigh Naysmith

21 11 2019

Adventure Training at Alpkit
Proper training in the outdoors


12 11 2019

The Frog Whitton
The UK's ultimate swim-cycle challenge

Alice Peyredieu

11 11 2019

When daring dreams turn into nightmares

Daniela and Paulo

07 11 2019

Katie Tunn’s love letter to her gear
A few of her favourite things

Alice Peyredieu

18 10 2019

Taking on the Three Peaks Challenge
The three highest peaks in the UK in one day.

Anna Wells

26 09 2019

Lindsey Cole’s 2019 Dart 10k
Relive the 2019 Dart 10k through the eyes of Lindsey Cole


23 09 2019

The Tour Divide story - Part 1
Rich and Tom take on the Tour Divide


18 09 2019

Al Humphreys - Suilven
Al Humphreys takes his new Brompton on a trip to Suilven

Alastair Humphreys

21 08 2019

Handcycle Britain Interview
An interview with Mel Nicholls

Jack Ashman

05 08 2019

A bloody long way North
Pete Whittaker takes of along on his bloody long trip

Pete Whittaker

05 08 2019

Rich and Tom Siepp Pre-Tour Divide ride
Rich and Tom's kit list and pre-amble for their Tour Divide route ride


25 07 2019

The Proof of the Pudding
make sure you test your equipment


18 07 2019

The year of the Bob
the film of a year looking for Bob

Ian Palmer

19 06 2019

Highland Trail 550 - 2019
“Its not worth drowning to get free fish and chips” Alan Goldsmith

Stu Taylor

13 06 2019

Five Ben Nevis Ridges in a Day
A new take on some Scottish classics

Anna Wells

03 06 2019

Race Report: 2019 Dragon’s Back Race
Lisa Watson's 2019 Dragons Back Race Report


30 05 2019

Bouldering in Brione
A Day Bouldering in the Tinico Region

Gracie Martin

19 05 2019

Body, Bike, Mind and Me: Part 2
Exploring mindfulness on the Highland Trail 550

Adventure Pedlars

14 05 2019

Body, Bike, Mind and Me
Exploring mindfulness on the Highland Trail 550

Adventure Pedlars

10 05 2019

Reccying The Dales Divide
The first one round the Dales Divide

Stu Taylor

02 05 2019

Fuelled by the Honey Sandwich
Ian Palmer prepares for the big day

Ian Palmer

25 04 2019

Lisbon to Malaga: A Bikepacking Adventure
Bikepacking from Lisbon to Malaga

Steve Bate

24 04 2019

Running the Wainwrights
Making the most of local fells

Ian Palmer

17 04 2019

The Beast
A custom Titanium Fat Bike care of Sonder Bikes

Steve Bate

17 04 2019

Unexpected turns and hidden talents
Finding new paths when life takes an unexpected turn

AK Support

Somewhere in Brecon
11 04 2019

Adventures by Land & Sea
Weekend Adventures by Land and Sea.

AK Support

03 04 2019

A Hill In Holland
Everesting.. In the Netherlands of all places


28 03 2019

The Mongol 100 Fat Bike Trip
100 miles across Lake Khövsgöl in Mongolia

AK Support

26 03 2019

Rich Seipp talks Everesting


11 03 2019

Mountaineering in Bolivia
Climbing Pequeño Alpamayo

Ronnie Legg

04 03 2019

Senja Frozen Wonderland
Winter climbing in Norway

Ramon Marin

27 02 2019

Serra da Estrela - Our Backyard
Daniela & Paulo tell us about their local haunts

Daniela and Paulo

25 02 2019

Ice climbing, head spanners, chamois and Cogne
Scott heads to Cogne for Ice Fest 2019

Scott Swalling

19 02 2019

Bouldering at Fairhead
Rob Hunter tells us about bouldering at Fairhead

AK Guest

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