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The Frog Whitton

By Alice Peyredieu
12, Nov, 2019

FInd out more about the UK's ultimate swim-cycle challenge in the Lake District.

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08 02 2019

The Magic of the Valley Blanche
Anna Wells is making the most of the ski season

Anna Wells

07 02 2019

The Islands of Faroe-way: Part 1
Alpkiteer Mel Nicholls prepares for a Faroe Islands adventure

Mel Nicholls

05 02 2019

Forecast is Misti - part 2
Taking on the El Misti Sky Race

Johnny Parsons

01 02 2019

35 minutes in the Irish Sea
Customer Story

Ashleigh Naysmith

29 01 2019

Scratch & Win
Ramon heads North for some winter climbing training

Ramon Marin

26 01 2019

Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 2
Pete let's us in on his Strathpuffer experience

Adventure Pedlars

25 01 2019

Huffing and Puffing: Strathpuffer Part 1
Neil Cottam tells his tale from Strathpuffer 2019

Neil Cottam

18 01 2019

Forecast is Misti - part 1
heading to the El Misti Sky Race

Johnny Parsons

02 01 2019

Après-adventure training interview
Bikepacking training review with some of the Alpkit team

Ashleigh Naysmith

01 01 2019

Day Trip up the ‘Big Hill’
Rachael Crewesmith takes the Signal Ti for a spin

Rachael Crewesmith

19 12 2018

Himalayan Adventures: Part 3
Not everything goes to plan in the Himalayas

Daniela and Paulo

18 12 2018

Third Time Lucky: Soloing the Aiguille de Moine
Anna Wells takes a break at 3412m

Anna Wells

13 12 2018

Himalayan Adventures: Shan-Ri - Part 2
Part 2 of Paulo's search for a virgin summit

Daniela and Paulo

11 12 2018

Alpkit Camino Ti making things possible
Customer Story

Ashleigh Naysmith

06 12 2018

Himalayan Adventures: Shan-Ri - Part 1
Seeking virgin summits in the Himalayas

Daniela and Paulo

Chasing The Frog
23 11 2018

Chasing The Frog
Dan Duxbury attempts the Frog Graham


21 11 2018

24 Hours of Awful
Swapping the MTB for a pair of running shoes

Ian Palmer

17 11 2018

Ant and The Whale
A mountain journal short on Ian Almond

Dom Bush

30 10 2018

Wild About Argyll
Bikepacking the Wild About Argyll trail

Steve Bate

30 10 2018

A Serious Undertaking
A stormy start to a Cairngorm loop

Joe Beaumont

22 10 2018

16 National Marathons
16 Marathons, 16 days, 16 UK National Parks


19 10 2018

Salbit Westgrat - Alpine Training at its Best
Tom Ripley heads to Salbischjen for some E1 fun


17 10 2018

Mont Blanc in a day
Anna Wells attempts the ultimate "day hit"

Anna Wells

17 10 2018

Bear Bones 300
Kenny takes on the challenge of the Bare Bones 300

Kenny Stocker

11 10 2018

Project Grandmas
Cycling to grandmas


09 10 2018

The Iceland National Trail: Part 2
Ben Turner recounts a day on the Iceland National Trail


18 09 2018

Teuchters on Tour
Lessons learned cycle-touring Norway


06 09 2018

Langtang Himalayan Marathon
Running a marathon in Nepal


22 08 2018

Five thousand metres of vertical joy
sunsets and big days in the Alps

Anna Wells

21 08 2018

Against The Ebbing Tide
A perfect summer for "recovery" climbing

Ramon Marin

17 08 2018

Photo perfect
Juggling conflicting passions and uncertainty

Anna Wells

13 08 2018

A different road to the mountains
a running year of ups and downs in Peru

Johnny Parsons

10 08 2018

Double vision
winning double gold in paralympics and worlds

Steve Bate

08 08 2018

Athlete Adventures: Iceland National Trail
Ben Turner links the first Iceland National Trail


27 07 2018

Pedalling The Planet - 10 Days In
Vedangi Kulkarni is 10 days into her pedalling the planet challenge


26 07 2018

Slate, sunburn and snacks
Climbing in the Slate Quarries

Hati Whiteley

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