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A Pyrenean Playground

By AK Support
11, Dec, 2019

Mother and Son finding adventure in the mountains

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14 01 2013

To El an Back


08 01 2013

Altai Expedition
Climbing in the rarely visited Altai mountain range in Russia


24 12 2012

A Tangent Tale from Tested Tips in October

Luke Tilley

18 12 2012

Almost over and nearly about to start.

Paul Errington

11 12 2012

Everyone should go to Norway

Pete Dollman

11 12 2012

Deep s*** soloing and a windy whip
Finding recovery through climbing on grit.

Luke Tilley

12 09 2012

Back in the mountains

Kenny Stocker

07 09 2012

Crushing the Crag

Flo Tilley

30 08 2012

Magic Woods Roadtrip
Bouldering in Magic Woods.

Ben Meakin

30 08 2012

Lessons learned


29 08 2012

A Sea Kayaking Tour in Anglesey
sea kayaking under the gogarth cliffs

Kenny Stocker

28 08 2012

One old man, a boy and a cripple

Dan Bradley

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