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2013 calendar shoot

By Col
30, Jul, 2012

We travel to White Goods with Ramon for Sharples 2013 climbing calendar shoot.

This Sunday saw us head to the drytooling venue White Goods to meet up with Ramon Marin and Keith Sharples

Keith is constantly looking for alternative shots for his annual celebration of climbing.. the Keith Sharples Calender. So when we suggested that he might be interested in shooting Ramon on some drytool action he didn't need much persuading, all he had to do was find us. 

Ramon kindly drove up from London to meet us. Having not used his tools for about 6 months we knew he would be chomping at the bit to get his teeth into something and we were not wrong as he 'warmed up' on Power Pact, M9. 

Once Keith arrived the real business could start and Ramon headed up what is currently the hardest drytool line in the UK, Stump Man, M11. It was great to see Ramon athleticaly swing across the lip of the roof section as Kenny held the rope. It looked hard work to me, biting hard on his tools as he switched them around and pulled a mix of figfours and fignines, I sat back and chomped on a chicken and mushroom pie. Exhausted, I moved onto a crunchy apple and took a swig of water. 

Anyway, I managed to get a few snaps as he went.  All in all it was great work by Ramon and sneaking a peak over Keith's shoulder it's looking as though it's going to be a good one for this calendar. 

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