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Daring Deeds

26 09 2019

Lindsey Cole’s 2019 Dart 10k
Relive the Dart 10k with Lindsey Cole who has given some helpful tips, tricks to help you get out swimming.

23 09 2019

The Tour Divide story - Part 1
Here’s part one of what occurred on this summer’s big ride, the Tour Divide.

18 09 2019

Al Humphreys - Suilven
To celebrate the new Brompton adventure bike, Al Humphreys travels by train, bike, raft and foot to the top of Suilven

21 08 2019

Handcycle Britain Interview
A meeting in Alpkit coffee corner about my world record breaking Handcycle Britain.

05 08 2019

A bloody long way North
Bush whack, bailing, classic climbing and a long way to the north of Norway

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07 10 2019

Layering system
Layering up is the best way to be flexible and take more control over the conditions.

06 09 2019

How to choose a head torch
Shorter days doesn't have to mean the end of long evenings outdoors. Here's our guide to buying the best head torch for your needs

30 08 2019

Hillwalking Kit List
With such beautiful hillwalking destinations nearby, there's no excuse not to get out on the hill! Don't forget these vital bits of kit...

10 07 2019

How to Choose the Right Type of Camping Stove Gas
Not all gas is created equal so we've made a handy guide to answer all those burning questions about gas

24 06 2019

Choosing a 4 season tent
Inner pitching or outer pitching? Geodesic or tunnel? This guide will help you through the process of buying tent which will keep you well-sheltered in any weather.

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02 10 2019

What’s so Genius About the Jeanius and Sequence Jeans?
Design Manager, Ronnie, discusses Alpkit jeans development and our new superpowered denim fabric

17 07 2019

Ronnie makes it better
Self confessed ‘fabric geek’ Ronnie tells us a bit about being design manager.

16 07 2019

Making Clothes for Movement
Designer Ronnie tells us about the process behind developing our new summer 2019 Made for Movement collection

18 03 2019

How often do you wash your socks?
Customer Support Manager, Ashleigh, went out to the Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair in Munich to talk about reducing water consumption through clothing choice, here's the low-down

08 03 2019

New Sonder Transmitter: Q&A with Neil Sutton
Sonder Bike Guru Neil talks us through the new Sonder Transmitter: fun defined and redefined

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11 10 2019

Alpkit Foundation: We’re Looking for an Awards Trustee!
We're looking for an awards trustee to join our small group of trustees that run Alpkit Foundation

11 10 2019

Cycling for the less able-bodied
Providing access to adapted bikes has allowed those less ables to get out and enjoy cycling.

11 10 2019

BMC Youth Squad and National Schools Climbing Comp
The British Mountaineering Council, UK & Worldwide

11 10 2019

Adult Health and Well-being Walks in the Lake District
Providing gear to help equip a walking group overcoming obstacles in their lives.

11 10 2019

Planting Hundreds of Trees with Millom School Kids
Getting school children to help learn, inspire and restore an area of native Lake District woodland

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