BSO Wet and Wild Underground

Tickets Closed - some tickets may be available to buy on the day. Visit the SofA meeting point when you arrive for details.

Discover some of the mysteries under the Peak District.

Suitability: Minimum age 12 yrs. Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (max parent/child ratio 1:4).

Wet and Wild Underground is an exciting subterrainean trip which will involve walking, crawling and squeezing through one of the popular cave systems in Derbyshire. The exact cave system to be used will be chosen on the day according to weather conditions. If you have ever wondered what lays beneath your feet this is your chance to find out!

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Tickets Closed - some tickets may be available to buy on the day. Visit the SofA meeting point when you arrive for details.

What you will get out of the day

This course will provide a great introduction to one of the easier technical cave systems in the Peak District. No previous caving experience is necessary and basic caving equipment will be provided, however you should be prepared to get wet and dirty! Use this as a stepping stone to more some of the more advanced caving courses offered by the Thornbridge team, they will be happy to tailor a course to your needs or sign up for our own Go Deeper course. 

Recommended kit

​Your instructor will provide you with a caving suit, helmet, torch and boots.

We recommend that you carry water, snacks and go to the toilet before entering the cave.

If you have a camera take it with you and capture the experience but be aware that the conditions in the cave will be damp, so it is a good idea to protect your camera in a dry bag.

Meeting times and logistics

​Although your meeting point is onsite this activity involves a 30-40 minute transfer by minibus to the cave system. Please meet at least 10 minutes before the course start time so your instructor can start to assign you equipment. Any delay in departure will shorten the groups experience and latecomers will be left behind. Due to the nature of the experience it is not possible to join the group at a later time.

Meet at the SofA meeting point

Your instructor will assign you your specialist caving equipment

Transfer by minibus to the cave

Enter cave and creep into the darkness!

Return to the surface and transfer back to Thornbridge by minibus

Return equipment to the gear stores

Elsewhere on Alpkit

A few goodies that might help you get the most out of this course.

Prism 630
500 lumen headtorch with 630 lumen boost mode for maximum dark space penetration and rechargeable Li-ion battery to see you home

Heavy duty water-tight dry bags in chilli (red)

Airlok Xtra 65l
65 litre xtra strong dry bags with added attachment points

Airlok 1 litre dry bag chilli (red)

Airlok 1l
Lightweight 1 litre Cordura ripstop nylon dry bag. Silicone coated with a roll top closure for storing your stuff in.

Alpkit Gourdon 20 day sack in black

Gourdon 20
Waterproof 20 litre roll-top drybag with bungee straps and mesh pockets for added capacity, ideal for anything from adventure races to the daily commute.

Fixe Dome
Chest ascender suitable for 8 - 12 mm ropes

Fixe Rope Protector
Heavy duty PVC rope protector to protect your rope from abrasion and sharp edges

Tag Description
Provided By Thornbridge
Student / Instructor Ratio 10:1
Location Offsite: under the Peak District
Min age 12

General advice

  • The School of Adventure is run by the Alpkit Foundation and all courses are with qualified instructors.
  • To participate in School of Adventure activities you must have a valid Big Shakeout weekend ticket.
  • Any orders for activities without a Big Shakeout weekend ticket may be cancelled and refunded.
  • Course times indicate the time you will be leaving from your meeting point to returning to it.
  • Your instructor will require you to sign a participation form before your activity commences. Children under 18 must get their form signed by their accompanying parent or guardian.
  • For courses offsite you will have to provide your own transport.
  • Courses will start without you if you are late.
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