BSO How to Make an Ultralight Bikepacking Stove


Ultralight cooking doesn't have to mean sacrificing the ability to make yourself something hot to eat or foregoing that all important morning brew

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Stuart explains how to make your own ultralight stove before examining just how light it's possible to go, without sacrificing the ability to make yourself something hot to eat or foregoing that all important morning brew.

Stuart Wright is the man behind Bear Bones bikepacking and the near legendary Welsh Ride Thing. When not riding or plotting routes incorporating as many long forgotten and largely unrideable tracks as possible, he can usually be found producing light weight goodies in his workshop in the Cambrian mountains.


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Please dress for the weather, you will be outside for the duration of this course.

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Provided By Stuart Wright
Student / Instructor Ratio 12:1
Location Big Shakeout site
Min age N/A

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