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Make that dyno from indoor to outdoor climbing

Suitability: 14 yrs and over. Under 16 yr olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For some climbers making the transition from bouldering indoors to outdoors is a big step. Fortunately we have some of the best outdoor bouldering right here on our doorstep and it is very accessible. Bouldering on Peak gritstone is one of the simplest and purest types of climbing, it is not about just linking coloured holds and pulling, it is full of possibilities, different ways of moving to achieve the same finishing point. It is less about how hard you pull and more to do with how you move and how you read the rock. You will identify holds and start to use them in ways you didn’t think possible, foot holds will appear out of nowhere, true technique will flourish and even those who slap and flounder will gain respect, or lose their skin.

Book now and develop the skills needed to climb on some of the finest boulders in the world. 


What you will get out of the day

This course is really about giving you the skills you need to feel confident to venture out by yourself and enjoy some of the best bouldering on the planet. In order to get the most out of the day we would expect you to have a basic level knowledge of bouldering indoors. The course aims to provide you with the correct skills to boulder outside safely and effectively. We will cover ethics, guidebooks, warm up and the correct mat use. We will also look at techniques used in the outdoors such as finding and using holds, working with friction, falling safely and spotting.

If you catch the bug for bouldering outdoors and find you want to progress your bouldering further Thornbridge run full day Inside Out courses through the summer.

Personal transport is required to get to the bouldering venue.

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Recommended kit

Rock boots, chalkbag, and bouldering mat. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all of these items, we will have plenty of mats and chalk bags to share. If you haven’t got rock boots bring a clean pair of trainers so the rocks do not get muddy.

Personal medication

September can be chilly, so dress accordingly and remember you could spend a lot of time standing around.


Warm clothing

Hat and gloves


Small rucksack or shoulder bag.

Snacks, water and possibly a thermos if you like your coffee shot at the crag.

There are no toilet facilities at the bouldering venue.

Meeting times and logistics

​Meet at the SofA meeting point 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure a swift departure. Any delay will reduce the amount of actual bouldering time you have, if you are late your course will depart without you.

Meet your instructor at the SofA meeting point

Drive to the bouldering venue (30 mins circa) - Personal transport required


Return to Thornbridge

Course info card Description
Provided By Thornbridge
Student / Instructor Ratio 6:1
Location Offsite: Peak District Grit
Min age 14

General advice

  • The School of Adventure is run by the Alpkit Foundation and all courses are with qualified instructors.
  • To participate in School of Adventure activities you must have a valid Big Shakeout weekend ticket.
  • Any orders for activities without a Big Shakeout weekend ticket may be cancelled and refunded.
  • Course times indicate the time you will be leaving from your meeting point to returning to it.
  • Your instructor will require you to sign a participation form before your activity commences. Children under 18 must get their form signed by their accompanying parent or guardian.
  • For courses offsite you will have to provide your own transport.
  • Courses will start without you if you are late.
  • Full information

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