BSO Go Deeper Underground


Extended caving trip for those with previous caving experience

Suitability: Minimum age 14 yrs. Under 16s must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian (max parent/child ratio 1:4).

You enjoyed our Wet and Wild Underground caving activity but you just can't stop thinking what's around that next corner. The joy of caving lays in discovery, there is always something else to see, a new cavern, bizare rock formations or under ground water falls. This half-day session will take you past the tourist chambers and into the realm of the true caver. It is darker down there, the gaps are smaller, a labarinthian world where the mysteries greater!


What you will get out of the day

Previous caving experience is advisable and basic caving equipment will be provided, however you should be prepared to get wet and dirty! It is an ideal extension to the introductory Wet and Wild Underground sessions.

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Recommended kit

Your instructor will provide you with a caving suit, helmet, torch and boots.Your instructor will provide you with a caving suit, helmet, torch and boots.

Dress warmly, it gets chilly underground! Wear long sleeves and trousers. Bring a jumper.

Personal medication.

Leave valuables at home.

Meeting times and logistics

​This session takes place offsite so meet at least 15 minutes before the start time to prep your equipment and depart on time. Any delay will eat in to your caving experience. If you are late you will be left behind and be unable to join the group once they are in the cave. Meet at the SofA meeting point

Your instructor will assign you your specialist caving equipment

Transfer by minibus to the cave.

Enter cave and creep into the darkness!

Return to the surface and transfer back to Thornbridge by minibus.

Return equipment to the gear stores.

Course info card Description
Provided By Thornbridge Outdoors
Student / Instructor Ratio 8:1
Location Offsite: under the Peak District
Min age 14

General advice

  • The School of Adventure is run by the Alpkit Foundation and all courses are with qualified instructors.
  • To participate in School of Adventure activities you must have a valid Big Shakeout weekend ticket.
  • Any orders for activities without a Big Shakeout weekend ticket may be cancelled and refunded.
  • Course times indicate the time you will be leaving from your meeting point to returning to it.
  • Your instructor will require you to sign a participation form before your activity commences. Children under 18 must get their form signed by their accompanying parent or guardian.
  • For courses offsite you will have to provide your own transport.
  • Courses will start without you if you are late.
  • Full information

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