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Get a taste for Trailquest

Suitability: 12 and over. Under 18's must be in a pair with someone 18+.

We're delighted to welcome Dark and White events along to Big Shakeout this year. They will be setting up a come & try it trailquest event, something not too extreme, but enough to give you a taster of what it's all about.

Trailquest is basically orienteering on mountain bikes. There will be 10 or 12 control points located in the beautiful countryside surrounding our Thornbridge site and you'll be using a chip timing system to make it all as realistic as possible.  As soon as that timer starts you'll have 90 minutes to test both your mountain biking and navigational skills! But don't worry if you've never tried it before, or if you think you're not fit enough, it's all about having a go and making it as easy or as tough as you like!

The Challenge

Within the time allowed (90 minutes), visit controls and collect as many points as possible – route planning is as important as fitness. There are time penalties if you get back late! Control sites will be identified by bright coloured tape on an obvious feature to which a SPORTident box will be attached. “Dib” in the SPORTident box at the Start, Finish, all controls visited and the download box at the end. You must use a SPORTident dibber to take part in this event. You can enter as a solo or a pair.

The Map

A bagged, colour 1:50000 OS map (approx size A4), pre-marked with all controls, will be provided on the start line. Each rider gets a map. An area master map (without control points marked) can be viewed at registration before starting.

The course will be focused mainly off road, so make sure your bike is suitable! Plus you must wear a helmet, so no helmet, no questing! See equipment list below. You can sign up on the day, if there's space, or reserve yourself a timing chip now!

BSO Dark and White Trailquest in pictures

What you will get out of the day

This course will provide a great introduction to Trailquest and orienteering by bike. No previous experience is necessary, however it will be self supported so some knowledge of map reading and bike proficiency would make it more enjoyable! If it's your first time trying this style of event then you can find out more information on the BMBO website

Recommended kit

Compulsory EquipmentA roadworthy mountain bike, helmet (ANSI or BSI only – not climbing, caving or canoeing types), watch, map (as supplied), money for phone calls or a mobile phone, suitable clothing for the prevailing weather conditions including quality waterproofs in the event of poor weather/forecast.

Insufficient kit = no start!! Spot checks may be carried out to ensure you comply with these requirements. You should also bring food/drink sufficient for the duration of the event.

Meeting times and logistics

The Start/Finish

Registration opens at 10:15am; start anytime between 10.30am – 1.00pm. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before your intended start to give time to register/prepare etc. At the start line you will be handed a map and a control value sheet. You will need to present your SI dibber to any marshal on demand during the event.

The finish closes at 2.30pm.

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Provided By Dark and White Events
Student / Instructor Ratio
Location Thornbridge Outdoors
Min age 12. Under 18 accompanied by an adult

General advice

  • The School of Adventure is run by the Alpkit Foundation and all courses are with qualified instructors.
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  • Any orders for activities without a Big Shakeout weekend ticket may be cancelled and refunded.
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  • Courses will start without you if you are late.
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