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You have seen Biathlon in the winter olympics - Nordic skiing and shooting well this is Nerf guns with Nordic Walking

Suitability: Minimum age 7 years

Binerflon is a new, fun and safe activity which hides physical activity behind the fun. Youngsters get a good bit of exercise without realising they are actually exercising!

Our biathlon of Nordic Walking and NERF gun target shooting is aimed at kids aged 7 - 14 however parents usually see how much fun it is and want to participate along side the youngsters! Pulses will get racing from the start with some Nordic walking. You will use walking poles to get a full body work out, a great aerobic exercise and perfect for everyone new to exercise. You will then have to slow your heart rate down as you try to take a steady aim in the biathlon style shooting range - similar to what is used in the winter olympics. Nerf guns fire harmless foam darts - kids beware, your parents are going to want some of the action!


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Meeting times and logistics

This is an onsite activity. Please head over to the SofA desk 10 minutes before the start of your course.

Dress for the weather, you will be outside for the duration of the activity.

Course info card Description
Provided By West Norfolk Nordic Walking
Student / Instructor Ratio 15:1
Location Big Shakeout site
Min age 7

General advice

  • The School of Adventure is run by the Alpkit Foundation and all courses are with qualified instructors.
  • To participate in School of Adventure activities you must have a valid Big Shakeout weekend ticket.
  • Any orders for activities without a Big Shakeout weekend ticket may be cancelled and refunded.
  • Course times indicate the time you will be leaving from your meeting point to returning to it.
  • Your instructor will require you to sign a participation form before your activity commences. Children under 18 must get their form signed by their accompanying parent or guardian.
  • For courses offsite you will have to provide your own transport.
  • Courses will start without you if you are late.
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