Wild Swimming Brothers at the Big Shakeout

The Wild Swimming Brothers on how to plan an adventure swim, with a few inspiring and swashbuckling tales thrown in for luck, at the Big Shakeout Festival

Ever picked out a river meandering down the page of a map and thought 'I'm going to the source and swim home'? The Wild Swimming Brothers probably have too… We all know how to dream big, so let's move on to the part where we make those dreams happen.

Wild Swimming Brothers, Jack, Calum, and Robbie Hudson, will be sharing their Daring Deeds and swashbuckling tales and helping you to plan your own adventure swim at The Big Shakeout Festival on the 22nd - 24th September 2017.

Last year the trio wrote a Daring Deed called Into The Maelstroms.  Maelstroms are bodies of water where currents swirl, whirlpools form, tides clash, powerful eddies rage, and vortexes spiral into the abyss. It had everything a Daring Deed needed: killer whales, lion mane jellyfish with 10 metre tentacles, sea eagles, brotherly support.

Our first thought when we read it was 'woah', our second thought was along the same lines, but our third thought was 'how can we get us some of that? (although maybe without the jellyfish).

When we read a Daring Deed, we tend to focus on the action and forget about the planning. However, the planning is often an adventure in itself (and a mindboggling one at that!).

To help all of us to embark on our own swimming adventures, the Wild Swimming Brothers will be recounting their Daring Deeds with a focus on the 'How'. Don't worry, we're sure they'll still tell you all about those enormous jellyfish, but you'll also gain an insight into the training and research that goes into an adventure, equipping you with the tools and inspiration to find and plan your next adventure.

The programme is currently a little fluid (see what we did there?), so keep an eye on the Big Shakeout News to stay up-to-date with the wheres and whens.

07 07 2017

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