Take it to the Trails

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When was the last time you felt truly free?

Flying downhill after digging down deep for the steep climb to the summit. Your legs adapting to another new terrain and carrying you back towards home as you're met with indescribable views of the peaks and valleys around you. Savouring that sense of connection to the wilderness as you prepare to return to civilization. Little compares to knowing that nothing but your own two legs, your willpower, and maybe some jelly babies, have created this moment.

That's all well and good, but when a great whopping hill lies between you and a cup of tea, fell running can seem pretty intimidating.

Taking running off the road is about enjoying the challenge. It's about getting off the beaten-track, away from the rat race and back to nature. It's about listening to your body and summoning the energy for that last push, even when you're not sure whether you can carry on.

Some of these things come naturally; others require training and someone to urge you on when you're lacking motivation. The wilderness is best shared with a friend.

At this year's Big Shakeout Festival at Thornbridge Outdoors, fell running coach Dave Taylor will be setting you on the right path in guided runs on Saturday and Sunday. These sessions are aimed at equipping you with confidence and skills to help you venture off-road.

For those of you who are looking for someone to give you a motivational cheer or two, Dave is also leading Sunday morning runs for the early-birds and a nocturnal trail for the night-owls.

You can book tickets for these sessions on the Big Shakeout ticket page.

02 05 2017

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