An Earful of Goodness from The Kentucky Cow Tippers

Northumbria's favourite bluegrass band, The Kentucky Cow Tippers, is on the line-up for the Big Shakeout Festival 2017

You heard it right! The Bluegrass Kings of the North with be descending upon the Big Shakeout 2017 to bestow their country-tinged sound upon our lucky lucky ears.

Formed in 2008, The Kentucky Cow Tippers have absorbed influences from everything from Appalachian harmonies and fiddle tunes through to progressive "Newgrass".  Incorporating folk, pop/rock, jazz and into the realms of bluegrass, they've produced a plethora of original material and refreshing renditions of bluegrass classics.

Okay, so they may not quite have the hang of 'ultra-light' yet...

Fresh from their summer tour, they'll be gracing the Foundation stage at the Big Shakeout. Don't forget your corduroy jackets, and make sure you don't ask about their name (we're not entirely sure why…). If you just can't wait, tune into their Soundcloud, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Not long now! Keep your eye on the Big Shakeout News for  announcements, line-ups, and general overexcitement.

25 07 2017

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