Tatty Bumpkin’s Yoga for Children

Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong...

At this year's Big Shakeout, your kids can join in with the spirit of the festival and get involved with a story-led yoga session just for them!

Tatty Bumpkin's motto is "bendy, giggly, clever and strong..." which is what we would like all our children to become. Behind the quirky and fun character and yoga stories lies thorough developmental theory.

Tatty Bumpkin was started in 2004, to provide a creative children's programme inspired by yoga. Now after 8 years, they have perfected their award-winning national programme, and it is recognised by childcare professionals as being at the forefront of children's developmental activities. 

Tatty Bumpkin classes enhance creativity, improve concentration, develop communication and increase strength. By using a 'multi-sensory' approach and creativity at the heart of the sessions, the children are captivated by the music, props, storytelling and movement.

And if you fancy a go at some yoga yourself- check out the dynamic yoga sessions that we have running over the weekend!


Tatty Bumpkin 

Yoga for Big People at Big Shakeout

19 09 2013

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